Hp Clean

HP Clean

Solvent free, Biodegradable Cleaner

HP Clean is a professional solvent-free cleaner. It is a concentrated, acid free cleaner and degreaser that removes natural soiling, unpleasant odours and natural pollutions. It is powerful and secure and has a broad spectrum. 

HP Clean is a completely biodegradable cleaner & water soluble. A clean substrate is the first requirement for any bonding or finishing. With HP CleanTEC7 now has a high-quality all-round cleaner in its product line.

HP Clean Benefits

  • Acid-free
  • Not flammable
  • Pleasant odour
  • Non-corrosive
  • Safely removes unpleasant odours and natural soiling

How To Use HP Clean

1. Cleaning and degreasing with normal soiling

  • Apply HP Clean to the dirt or grime (always from below to above).
  • Rub in, rinse with water and rub dry.

2. Cleaning and degreasing if heavily soiled

  • Apply HP Clean to the surface and allow to work in for +/- 5 minutes (depending on the degree of soiling).
  • When applied to vertical surfaces we recommend working from the bottom up.
  • In case of heavy soiling and porous surfaces, scour with a semi-hard brush.
  • Afterwards rinse with clean water. 
  • Repeat if necessary.

3. As a strong in-depth cleaner (e.g. oil stain in concrete)

  • Squirt TEC7 Cleaner on oil stain and allow to work in for min. 5 minutes.
  • Scour lightly with semi-hard brush and once again squirt with TEC7 Cleaner. 
  • Allow to work in for a minimum of 5 minutes.
  • Now apply copious amount of HP Clean to the soiling and allow it to work in for a minimum of 5 minutes.
  • Scour lightly with semi-hard brush.
  • Once again apply HP Clean to the soiling and allow to work in.
  • Remove the dirty soap residues with clean water using a garden hose, or even better a highpressure cleaner.
  • If necessary, this treatment may be repeated.

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Technical Information

Colour: green.
Condition at room temperature: liquid.
Flammability: 0.
Solubility: entirely water-soluble.
pH: 9.
Biodegradable: yes.
Toxicity: non-toxic under normal use, do not ingest.
Shelf life: 24 months, in closed original packaging, dry, cool and frost-free.
HP Clean

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