Power Wipes 70 pieces

Tec7 Powerwipes

Extreme Cleaning Wipes

Tec7 Powerwipes offer the power of a strong solvent in ready-to-use soft tissues.

  • Non-woven textile - strong material
  • Impregnated with a powerful cleaner
  • Fast acting
  • Long shelf life

Why use Powerwipes?

Perfect for cleaning and degreasing of hands, tools, motors, boats, motocycles and much more. They are skin friendly and protect the epidermis as it contains glycerine. Just wipe over surface afterwards with a dry cloth.

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Technical Information

Tissues: strong polycotton fabric.
Cleaners: Ethyl alcohol - Dimethyl Glutarde - Dimethyl Succinate.
Odour: added scent
Number: 50 or 150 pcs
Cleans: inks, greases, oils, felt-tip pen marks, shoe polishuncured 2-component lacquers, PU paints, PUR foam, polyester, epoxies2-component adhesives, MS polymers
Skin protector: glycerine Skin protector: glycerine.
Power Wipes 70 pieces

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