What Can You Use Tec7 HP Clean For?

Tec7 HP Clean is a powerful, safe cleaner with a broad spectrum of uses. It is a non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, professional-grade, solvent-free cleaner. This concentrated, acid-free cleaner and degreaser has a pleasant odour and removes natural soiling, unpleasant odours and natural pollutants. It has a variety of uses in all home, office and commercial and industrial settings. Once you start using Tec7 HP Cleaner, you’ll put all your other cleaners to rest.

Uses For Typical Cleaning

Tec7 HP Cleaner is the perfect all-purpose cleaner for around the home and office. Its versatility and non-toxic ingredients make it perfect for:

  • Cleaning of all surfaces, such as:
    • Walls  
    • Floors including laminate floors, ceramic and glazed tiles and grouting
    • Plastics  
    • Stone including granite, limestone, marble and slate
    • Wood including lacquered & varnished floors/surfaces
    • Stainless steel, copper and other metals
    • Fabric, carpet and leather 
    • Polished and smooth concrete
    • Exterior render
    • Sanitary wear
    • Acrylic resin (e.g. shower trays) 
  • Cleaning of all vehicles (interior and exterior), such as:
    • Cars 
    • Motorbikes 
    • Caravans 
    • Boats 
  • Cleaning of heavily soiled clothing and textiles
  • …And much more

Keep your family and pets safe with this all-purpose cleaner that is made for easy and effective cleaning of the whole house. HP Clean is solvent and acid-free so it can be used almost everywhere.

Uses For Industrial Cleaning

Industry requires a heavy-duty cleaner that can handle all types of contaminants on a wide variety of surfaces that won’t cause harm to workers or the environment. Tec7 HP Cleaner is perfect for almost all commercial uses. A clean substrate is a key requirement for any bonding or finishing in construction and manufacturing. Use HP Cleaner as a solvent-free degreaser for workpieces prior to bonding, sealing, welding, coating and more. 

A clean worksite with clean machinery is a safe worksite. Use HP Cleaner to degrease as well as remove algae, oil, mud, rust and many more from equipment and work areas. It is a concentrated, acid-free cleaner and degreaser that removes pollutants and unpleasant odours.

Benefits Of Using Tec7 HP Clean

There are plenty of heavy-duty cleaners on the market that, while they do the job, are corrosive or toxic. Why put yourself or your workers at risk with dangerous chemicals when Tec7 HP Cleaner will do a better job with no risk. HP Clean is completely biodegradable & water-soluble. With HP Clean, TEC7 now has a high-quality all-round cleaner in its product line. Other benefits include:

  • Non-Toxic and H.A.C.C.P Food Safe Certified
  • Free From Solvents and Acid (ph of 9)
  • Safe On All Materials
  • Safely Removes Unpleasant Odours And Natural Soiling
  • Is Non-Flammable
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Pleasant Odour
  • Non-Corrosive

How To Use HP Clean

  1. Always read the technical data sheets in order to understand the product that you are using.
  2. Spray HP Clean from the bottom to the top
  3. Allow it to work for around 5 minutes, this may require more time depending on the stain/soiling
  4. Clean with a sponge or cloth
  5. Rinse thoroughly when you are happy with the result

For more detailed information visit the Tec7 HP Clean webpage.

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