What Can You Use Tec7 Trans Clear For?

Tec7 Trans Clear is one of the most versatile adhesive products on the market. Not only does it create a solid adhesive solution, but the fact that the product itself is transparent means it can be used almost anywhere and not leave unwanted stains or streaks near the surface. But what exactly can Tec7 Trans Clear be used for? The team at Olmurtech take you through some of the most common uses of this world-renowned product.

Commercial Uses

Trans Clear is the perfect product for any commercial job that requires some adhesive applications. From bonding materials together to waterproof sealing any gap, the clear properties of this adhesive ensures that the project will be A-1 the first time, every time.


Construction sites constantly have the need for some form of adhesive, and sometimes, the need for a transparent adhesive is quite apparent. Trans Clear transparent properties make it ideal when building with natural stone so that any stains or mess that may occur from your standard adhesives are non-existent. 

It is also perfect for any bonding tasks that may arise, including:

  • Bonding decorative panels for the chic, wall design
  • Bonding any wooden or metal table tops in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Bonding mirrors around the home in a way that doesn’t attack the silver coating on the outside

Air Conditioning Purposes

For those who work with Air Conditioning units, Trans Clear is the perfect product. Strong, odour free and transparent, it can make light work out of any air conditioning repair or installation. It can seal all of the PVC and metal tubings around the unit, bond the galvanized ducts and thanks to its MS polymer make-up, it doesn’t attack any acrylate.

The one thing that an adhesive that is used on an air conditioning unit needs to be is watertight and fungus resistant and Trans Clear has that in spades. Not only that but it can also be used on wet surfaces. 

General Maintenance

The beauty of all Tec7 adhesive products, including Trans Clear, is that they don’t contain any major nasties such as solvents, isocyanates and also doesn’t attack any synthetic materials. Trans Clear offers high tensile strength, making it the perfect substitute for mounting any material and replacing a number of sealants, from silicone to acrylic.

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Olmurtech is the primary distributor of Tec7 products in Australia. Tec7 offers world-class products that help with all sorts of bonding and adhesive tasks, including Trans Clear. Contact us today and a member of our team can help you wherever we can.

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