What Can You Use Tec7 X-Tack For?

Tec-7 X-tack is a revolutionary adhesive product that has taken the world by storm. Made from an MS polymer base, this weather-resistant adhesive can make any job that requires a form of bonding a breeze. So what are some of the uses for X-Tack? Olmurtech, the main distributor of Tec7 products in Australia, talks you through some of the uses of its flagship product.

Wall and Facade Covering

X-Tack is the perfect product for covering most walls and facades around the house or workplace. It has the structural integrity to bond to most materials such as plaster, brick, concrete, natural stone, aluminium and glass just to name a few. 

Sign & Panel Installation

In need of a sign or a panel to be installed? Using X-Tack can make this an extremely simple process. Just add the required amount to the back or sides (depending on where you wish to place the sign or panel) and hold it in place until it bonds. With X-Tacks fast bonding agents, this should be within minutes. X-Tack is the perfect adhesive for vertical bonding, so you won’t need to worry about the sign or panel falling down any time soon.

Window & Door Frames

X-Tack is odourless and solvent-free, making it perfect for confined spaces. Add to that the fact that it is vibration, impact and shock-resistant, it is the perfect adhesive for repairing or replacing windows or door frames.

Ceiling Panels

The strong, structural bonding agents in Tec7 X-Tack makes installing ceiling panels easier than it ever has. It can be used across multiple types of materials that are generally used for ceiling panel replacement or installation, such as thermal and synthetic panels, wood panels and PVC panels. As you can see, there aren’t many materials that X-Tack doesn’t bond to.

Most Construction Elements

X-Tack can be a tradies best friend. From roofing to wall or cabinet installation, X-Tack can handle any job that is thrown at it. If work needs to be done to the roof, X-Tack can bond with most materials, from wood to steel, and can also bond with lead sheets if combined with roof covering. 

If the structural elements of a build are in need of an adhesive, X-Tack should be your first choice. 

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