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Olmurtech is managed by its Founder and Head Honcho, Evan Olver and COO (Chief of other stuff no one wants to take care of), Simone Giernatowski.

A family owned and operated business in Brisbane, we are passionate about providing the best possible customer service experience. Our values are integrity, honesty, transparency and authenticity; we truly believe in what our products offer to our customers.

It all started back in 2014 when Evan went to his local supplier to get more X-Tack. However, he was told that it was his last chance to buy some because the product was about to become unavailable in Australia. This left Evan with just one question: “How many boxes do you have?”

After buying the 11 remaining cartons, Evan asked Simone to find out who manufactures X-Tack and get him the contact details. That night they sent an email to Novatech International in Belgium, expressing their interest to become the Australian distributor. The next day, Novatech responded, and the rest is history.

In July 2014, joining forces with business partners in Melbourne, Olmurtech was born, becoming the official distributor of Tec7 products for the Oceania region. In November 2014, Olmurtech received it's first container of Tec7 products and started distributing them to a small number of stockists.  Currently, Olmurtech works with a network of 70+ stockists and counting.

Since then, Olmurtech has continued to grow. In 2016, Olmurtech started representing the Novatech International Novatio brand.

In February 2020, Evan and Simone bought their business partners 50% stake in the business, becoming the sole owners and Directors of Olmurtech. 

Why work with Olmurtech?

  • We are committed to simplicity, honesty, transparency and outstanding customer support. 
  • You can be confident that we will only recommend a Tec7 product if it suits your application or project.
  • We can work with you and develop simple and effective adhesive systems and installation methods for your project.
  • You will be talking to the people that own the business and full trained staff who have the authority to make quick decisions, without having to work through corporate layers of approvals.
  • You won't be a number with us.  We are big on building long standing, beneficial relationships with our customers and end users.
  • We understand installation and your or your customers' needs, having 30 years experience on the tools installing panels and signs. Our knowledgeable team are always available to take your call with any questions you may have.  We offer phone, Facetime, Zoom/Teams or in person (where available) support.
  • Free initial in house testing and free onsite training (1st day of installation) for large scale projects.
  • We believe in our products and are continually looking at certification opportunities so Tec7 products meet stringent specifications.
  • We know your business is our future.

X-Tack was used for the installation of external ceiling panels at Jordan Springs Public School in 2021.

Using X-Tack in this application created a seamless finish as no visible fixings were required.

Now that the Tec7 range of adhesives have officially been awarded a Global GreenTag PlatinumHEALTH™ HealthRATE™ outcome after undergoing a Global GreenTag PHD™ (Product Health Declaration™) and also awarded with a Global GreenTag GreenRate™ Level B certification, you can be confident that they are suitable for your next Green project.

About Us now with Global GreenTag
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Meet the Team Behind Olmurtech

About Us Evan Olver

Founder and Head Honcho

The technical expert when it comes to our products, Evan looks after business development and sales. Never too busy to impart his extensive product knowledge, he’s an outgoing person and always up for a chat. Evan regularly travels around the country to visit stockists and meet end-users, happily assisting those who are new to our products.

When Evan is not working, he has a passion for water skiing, the super car championship series and spending time with family and friends. 

Josephine Hooklyn

Social Media & Marketing Creative

About Us Simone

Director & COO
(Chief of other stuff no one wants to take care of)

Simone is Olmurtech’s organisational powerhouse, looking after anything and everything that happens behind the scenes. While Evan focuses on growing the business, she looks after the daily operations needed to keep the business going strong.

When Simone is not working, she is busy with 2 young children and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Maureen Giernatowski

Accounts & Administration

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