About Us

Olmurtech is family owned and managed in Brisbane by its Founder and Head Honcho, Evan Olver and COO (Chief of other stuff no one wants to take care of), Simone Olver.

Olmurtech was born in 2014 when Evan went to his local supplier to get more X-Tack. However, he was told that it was his last chance to buy any because the product was about to become unavailable in Australia. This left Evan with just one question: “How many boxes do you have?” After buying the 11 remaining cartons, Evan and Simone did some research to find out who manufactures X-Tack. That night they sent an email to Novatech International in Belgium, expressing their interest to become the Australian distributor. The very next day, Novatech responded. In November 2014, joining forces with business partners in Melbourne, Olmurtech became the official distributor of Tec7 products for the Oceania region. Since 2016, Olmurtech also represents the Novatech International brand, Novatio.

In the past 9 years, Olmurtech has grown from distributing to a small number of stockists, to now working with a network of over 70 distributors and counting.

In February 2020, Evan and Simone bought their business partners 50% stake in the business, becoming the sole owners and Directors of Olmurtech

Why work with Olmurtech?

We are committed to honest and transparent customer support. You will be talking to the people that own the business and fully trained staff who have the authority to make quick decisions, without having to work through corporate layers of approvals.

You can be confident that we will only recommend a Tec7 product if it suits your application or project.

We can work with you and develop simple and effective adhesive systems and installation methods for your project.

We understand installation and your or your customers' needs, having 30 years’ experience on the tools installing panels and signs. Our knowledgeable team are always available to take your call with any questions you may have.

Do you need technical or application support?

We're only to happy to have a chat to provide solutions or advice

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