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Since 1989, Tec7 has simplified Construction, Maintenance and Repair. Tec7 is an industry-leading brand worldwide for sealing, mounting and bonding and cleaning.

Tec7’s universal appeal is no doubt mainly due to its versatility. In one product, it replaces mounting glue, PU-glue, wood glue, as well as silicone and acrylic sealants. It’s commonly used in a range of fields, including signage, acoustic paneling, carpentry, joinery, roofing, carpentry, paint works, floors, walls, sanitary spaces and now sustainable building projects, as they have undergone Global GreenTag's stringent assessment and can officially contribute to Green Star certified projects.

Tec7 belongs to the Novatech International brand family, a Belgian family business with a long history. The brand takes pride in its innovative solutions, creating high-quality products with outstanding value. The ease of use and professional quality are why Tec7 continues to be loved by both professionals and hobbyists alike. It is this reason that Olmurtech decided to become the distributor of Tec7 products in Australia.

Tec 7

Glue, mount and seal


No screws, just glue

Trans Clear

Crystal clear sealing adhesive

HP Clean

Solvent free, Biodegradable Cleaner


Powerful Universal Foam Cleaner


Extreme Cleaning Wipes

Prepare & Finish

The perfect preparation & finish for adhesives & sealants

Tec7 Cleaner

Universal Cleaner and Degreaser


Elastic Repair for Finishing Plaster


Lubricant-Penetrating Oil-Cleaner

Tec7 Guns

The all new multiguns are here

Microfibre Cloths

Ideal for use with all TEC7 Cleaners

Al-Fix Gel

Novatio's Al-Fix Gel is an adhesive that bonds in seconds and has a special formula based on cyanoacrylate

Clean Gum Soft

Novatio’s Clean Gum Soft, with gentle abrasive action will quickly remove gum from most hard surfaces

Seal and Bond Special Primer

The Novatio Seal and Bond Special Primer is an adhesive for materials that are hard to glue

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