HP Clean

HP Clean

Solvent free, Biodegradable Cleaner

HP Clean is a professional solvent-free cleaner. It is a concentrated, acid free cleaner and degreaser that removes natural soiling, unpleasant odours and natural pollutions. It is powerful and secure and has a broad spectrum. 

HP Clean is a completely biodegradable cleaner & water soluble. A clean substrate is the first requirement for any bonding or finishing. With HP Clean, TEC7 now has a high-quality all-round cleaner in its product line.


Acid-freeNot flammablePleasant odourNon-corrosiveSafely removes unpleasant odours and natural soiling


1. Cleaning and degreasing with normal soiling

Apply HP Clean to the dirt or grime (always from below to above)Rub in, rinse with water and rub dry

2. Cleaning and degreasing if heavily soiled

Apply HP Clean to the surface and allow to work in for +/- 5 minutes (depending on the degree of soiling)When applied to vertical surfaces we recommend working from the bottom upIn case of heavy soiling and porous surfaces, scour with a semi-hard brushAfterwards rinse with clean waterRepeat if necessary

3. As a strong in-depth cleaner (e.g. oil stain in concrete)

Squirt TEC7 Cleaner on oil stain and allow to work in for min. 5 minutesScour lightly with semi-hard brush and once again squirt with TEC7 CleanerAllow to work in for a minimum of 5 minutesNow apply copious amount of HP Clean to the soiling and allow it to work in for a minimum of 5 minutesScour lightly with semi-hard brushOnce again apply HP Clean to the soiling and allow to work inRemove the dirty soap residues with clean water using a garden hose, or even better a highpressure cleanerIf necessary, this treatment may be repeated

Technical Information

Colour: green.
Condition at room temperature: liquid.
Flammability: 0.
Solubility: entirely water-soluble.
pH: 9.
Biodegradable: yes.
Toxicity: non-toxic under normal use, do not ingest.
Shelf life: 24 months, in closed original packaging, dry, cool and frost-free.

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