Seal and Bond Special Primer

The Novatio Seal and Bond Special Primer is an adhesive for materials that are hard to glue.

Seal and Bond Special Primer guarantees better bonding on synthetic materials, powder coatings and paints. The product combines a high elasticity with fast drying time. After just -/+ 10 mins, gluing is possible. Seal & Bond Special Primer is applied directly to the surface that needs to be glued. This primer is ideal for bonding MS Polymers, silicones, sealants, tapes and paints as it improves bonding of difficult bonding surfaces.

Seal and Bond Special Primer Features

  • Ideal for PP, PE, ABS, powder coatings, painted surfaces
  • Can be used for glue, tapes and coatings
  • Transparent
  • Does not leave traces or stains
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Dries fast
  • Economic in use

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Technical Information

Colour: variable, depending on composition
Odour: characteristic odour
Condition at room temperature: liquid.
Explosion limits: 0.6-26.2 vol %
Flammability: extremely flammable
Vapour pressure: 4000 hPa.
Solubility: insoluble
Shelf life: 120 months if kept in dry, cool environment

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