Tec7 Simplifies Construction, Maintenance, and Repair

Since 1989, professional builders and DIY-enthusiasts alike have been relying on Tec7’s superior all-rounder products. It’s the industry-leading brand worldwide for sealing, mounting and bonding.

Tec7’s universal appeal is no doubt mainly due to its versatility. In one product, it replaces mounting glue, PU-glue, wood glue, as well as silicone and acrylic sealants. It’s commonly used in a range of fields, including roofing, carpentry, paint works, floors, walls, and sanitary spaces.

Tec7 belongs to the Novatech International brand family, a Belgian family business with a long history. The brand takes pride in its innovative solutions, creating high-quality products with outstanding value. The ease of use and professional quality are why Tec7 continues to be loved by both professionals and hobbyists alike. It is this reason that Olmurtech decided to become the main distributor of Tec7 products in Australia.

Instant grab adhesive without support
Glue, mount and seal
Trans Clear
Transparent sealing adhesive
HP Clean
Powerful solvent free cleaner
Universal foam cleaner
Tec7 Cleaner
Universal cleaner and degreaser
Cleaning wipes for extreme soiling
Remove All
Removal of persistent chemical residues
All in one filler and plaster finishing for indoor and outdoor use
Tec7 Accessories
  • Cartridge Caulking Gun
  • Sausage Caulking Gun
  • Cartridge Cutter

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